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Sustainable Agriculture

Innovate. Grow. Balance

Owing to its adaptability and remedying properties, Hemp provides a robust yield and delivers utility to even small and marginal farmers.

Through standardised hemp cultivation, we aim to tackle challenges such as soil degradation and environmental imbalance.

At BOHECO, we work in tandem with proven agricultural practices as enlisted by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which results in the cultivation of safe and healthy agricultural products, and economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Before initiating hemp cultivation, we must answer the following crucial questions:


What role does BOHECO play in cannabis cultivation?

BOHECO is working with various government bodies to research, breed, cultivate, and harvest low THC Hemp seeds for safe commercial consumption.


What’s the legal basis to grow cannabis in India?

The NDPS Act governs all ambits of cannabis cultivation in India and provides an adequate differentiation between narcotic and non-narcotic parts of the crop. Section 14 of the Act is a special provision for cannabis. The Government may by general or special order, and subject to such conditions as may be specified in such order, allow cultivation of any cannabis plant for industrial purposes only of obtaining fibre or seed or for horticulture purposes.


What can cannabis be legally used for?

As per Section 22 of the National Policy on NDPS ACT for Industrial Cannabis— CULTIVATION OF CANNABIS FOR HORTICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL PURPOSES—Cannabis plant can be a source of biomass and fibre for industrial purposes. Cannabis seeds can be used to produce cannabis seed oil—a high-value oil. Some countries license cultivation of cannabis varieties which have very low content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient which has the intoxicating effect. These varieties of cannabis are used to produce fibres which are, in turn, used in the production of fabrics and for the production of biomass.


How does BOHECO achieve this?

For our passion for agriculture to bear fruit, we founded the Athulya Krishi Foundation (AFK) in January 2016, an endeavour to build ground support for our farm-based activities.

We synchronised the role of every stakeholder in setting up a transparent, fair, and a robust network chain committed to creating first-rate scientific techniques and human capability.