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BOHECO is set to revolutionise Indian agriculture. We work hard, and in good faith, to connect with individuals and enterprises that share in and enrich our ideas to create sustainability in every sphere of life. We firmly believe that this work cannot be carried out with the desire to lock our work in a safe. In fact, there has never been a better time to share our dream with whoever wishes to walk the same path.

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The industrial hemp super-crop has a rich history dating ten thousand years back when it was discovered in, and first used across Central Asia. Ever since, it has played a pivotal role in innumerable key advancements for mankind-- ranging from indigenous applications by the ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptian civilisations, to modern day pure carbon nanosheets in supercapacitors. However, “just because it was used to make paper or clothes back then, it doesn’t mean it should be used even today, right?” we were asked once. She was right; in areas where alternatives are cheaper, easily available, or technically superior, hemp can be replaced. One point for human progress, probably a negative for the Earth.

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Sanvar Oberoi

For me, Cannabis and BOHECO stand collectively for all that we seek to become—as a person, as a community and as the world. Let me clarify this with the following personification. In both, I see someone who is on the path to substantially improving people’s lives by introducing environmentally safe products and providing livelihood to those who have been replenishing our food baskets-- our beloved farmer brothers and sisters.

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Karan Nibber

Asian countries such as China & India have long been the breeding ground for radical innovative ideas & concepts to transform how the World functions. A succinct example of this would be the inextricable historical link between their local cultures and the inherent potential of plants like Opium & Cannabis which surrounded them.

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Romesh Bhattacharji & Jahan Peston Jamas

Rural communities across Hill states in India have unknowingly followed this adage through several generations & lifetimes, yet bear the unfortunate brunt of limited success in harnessing the intrinsic potential of plants & crops strewn all over the rural countryside.

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