Sustainable Fashion is the next looming thing! Many patrons these days are being particular about what they wear in terms of material such as hemp, hemp fibres, organic cotton and is it really fair for the people who make our clothes?

 We already know why vegans and environmentalists love sustainable fashion. Yes, you are absolutely right! Sustainable clothes are free from any material obtained from animal exploitation, and also these clothes do not cause any harm to our mother Earth.

So, it is not only that the vegans and the environmentalists can adopt sustainable fashion, but also you can go green with environment-friendly clothing to encourage the well-being and protection of the planet. Here, discover the reasons why sustainable fashion is not just for vegans and environmentalists.


1. Stainable Hemp Clothing is Long Lasting and Durable

Looking out for a rugged and an enduring fabric is not a pain anymore! Hemp is an extremely fast growing crop and the strongest natural fibre. These natural fibres coupled together, make the cloth last longer. So, you can be certain that your eco-friendly hemp clothing will last a while.


2. Comfortable and Fashionable

We want you to feel comfortable and stylish concurrently for any season. Hemp clothing is one of those fabrics that looks great as well as feels great when carried. Come, let’s set a sustainable fashion trend since it reaches the expectations of the changing fashion world!


3. UV Protectant

Are you worried about the sunburns? Sustainable clothing gives you the natural sun protection from the harmful sun rays and shelters you from the tan.

We want you to be rest assured that our hemp clothing provides you with a natural protective shield that keeps your skin safe from the unwanted sunburns.

Okay! So sustainable clothes are comfortable too! Environment-friendly clothing carries a perfect combination of comfort and style at the same time. We intend to design organic clothing that allocates well-being, comfort and fashion!  


4. Free from toxins

Yes, you read that right! the clothes made out of hemp are skin friendly, as hemp plants are grown with little or no chemical fertilizers. Also, hemp clothes are free from other toxic chemicals which are usually found in other fabrics. People with sensitive skin can wear these clothes without giving it a second thought.


5. Abrasion Resistant

Oops! Did you just mistakenly hit your shirt against the door and it got torn off? You need not worry, sustainable hemp fibre is the strongest natural fibre that holds the fabric tight and tough! Also, it’s far less likely to happen.

Hemp fibre is naturally resistant to mold, mildew or rot. Did you also know that it softens after each wash, without fibre degradation!


Yes! Hemp is durable, long-lasting, a good abrasion but the biggest factor is that it is eco-friendly. We buy our clothes as per our comfort levels, but now let’s contribute towards the safety of our environment and make it go sustainable.

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