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Sustainable Evolution

Nature’s miracle crop

Hemp is a highly sustainable and one of the strongest natural fibers in the world belonging to the Cannabis Sativa family. The hemp plant grows like weed, eliminating the need for most pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and thriving on less water than most crops. It even absorbs carbon dioxide and puts back nutrients into the soil!

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The industrial hemp super-crop has a rich history dating ten thousand years back when it was discovered in, and first used across Central Asia. Ever since, it has played a pivotal role in innumerable key advancements for mankind-- ranging from indigenous applications by the ancient Chinese, Indian and Egyptian civilisations, to modern day pure carbon nanosheets in supercapacitors. However, “just because it was used to make paper or clothes back then, it doesn’t mean it should be used even today, right?” we were asked once. She was right; in areas where alternatives are cheaper, easily available, or technically superior, hemp can be replaced. One point for human progress, probably a negative for the Earth.

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Sanvar Oberoi