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Our Vault of Hemp-based Innovations

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Picture this:

Across remote villages dotting the landscape of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, women use oil from the hemp seed as a skin-rejuvenating agent. Softwood from the same crop is crushed to be used as firewood. These pieces of softwood can also be mixed with lime to build robust structures. The more we probe, the more we discover what this super crop can help us achieve.

BOHECO Innovation Lab is our pursuit of such discoveries. What takes place here is learning about materials and processes from scientists, designers, artisans, engineers, entrepreneurs, and many other creators of the world, instrumental in innovating hemp’s applications.

Our innovation process manifests in four phases:


Seed Breeding and Genetic Development

Optimum Seeds are Vital to ensure Standardised Output

In India, a staggering variety of wild and feral cannabis grows. We sought it in far and wide farmlands to launch the first licensed Hemp breeding program.

To advance this project, we maintain a Public Private Partnership (PPP) through Athulya Krishi Foundation (AKF) with various government-run scientific institutions.



Agriculture driven by Sustainability for Scaling up our Operations

Once the seed is standardised, efficient farming takes flight. Given hemp's identity as a feral plant in India, we are trying to abide by the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to grow it in an organised manner with a purpose.



Application of Optimum Techniques enhances Quality

Drawing from technological advancement and home-grown wisdom, we perform fibre separation and oil extraction using natural processes that are harmless to the environment. For each hemp application, there is a specific post-harvest technique that ensures the best quality product.


Material Science Application

Pursuing previously Unexplored applications of Hemp in India

We’re creating a repository of hemp-related information wherein business and scientific acumen is combined to create hemp-powered technology. We’ve handpicked hemp applications such as eco-friendly building material or hempcrete, carbon nano-sheets to power batteries, and seed research to develop medicine.

We’re open to working with entities engaged in crop development in the health and nutrition, medical, and energy-efficient industries.

We invite you to partner with us in actualising clean, sustainable and world changing ideas which empower hemp and its varied uses for the benefit of our planet.

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