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Our Team

Avnish Pandya

Co-Founder and Director of Research & Development Agile. Resilient. Imaginative.

Avnish is a self-taught science analyst who explores the universe of Hemp that’s buried under the overwhelming majority of traditional crops. Coming from an analytical background, he combines insights from business & policy with those from scientific domains in his revelations about Hemp.
Apart from research, he liaises with government officials at different levels to translate our vision into results. He heads the medicine business at BOHECO.

Chirag Tekchandaney

Co-Founder and Director of Marketing & Human Resources Cogent. Prudent. Analytical.

Chirag is responsible for key people-related functions. His experience in marketing and branding at Directi helped amplify BOHECO’s brand value. He is at the helm of the hemp textile business and leads the way for developing hemp-based products.
He aspires to make a dent in several different markets where hemp is yet to penetrate. He heads BOHECO’s apparel brand, B Label and our accessories brand, B Label Handlooms.

Delzaad Deolaliwala

Co-Founder and Director of Accounting & Legal Affairs Benevolent. Resourceful. Empathetic.

Having understood the intricacies of India’s legal framework, Delzaad works to develop a holistic set of regulations guiding the company’s efforts. He mobilises resources to advance our research about the various legal aspects of Cannabis cultivation in India.
He leads all activities related to farmer and artisan engagement, via AKF (Athulya Krishi Foundation) , our not-for-profit subsidiary.

Jahan Peston Jamas

Jahan Peston Jamas

Co-Founder and Director of Strategy & Collaborations Visionary. Steadfast. Compassionate.

Jahan undertakes the company’s strategic engagements with domestic and international stakeholders. He engages with academicians, scientific experts, and hemp entrepreneurs from around the world to build and strengthen our network, and to evaluate the previously unexplored applications of hemp.
His pragmatic vision powers his work as one of the leaders of the BOHECO Innovation Lab.

Sanvar Oberoi

Sanvar Oberoi

Co-Founder and Director of Finance & Digital Technology Insightful. Eloquent. Conversant.

Sanvar ensures our financial sustainability by macro-planning our business activities. Always on the lookout to alleviate farmer plight, he strives to leverage market forces for the greater good. He is the voice of the company at key forums and weaves professional networks central to our operations.
He’s a PhD research scholar in Business Economics and has been awarded the INK, RajeevCircle and Ashoka fellowships on behalf of BOHECO. Along with Jahan, he heads BOHECO Innovation Lab.

Sumit Shah

Sumit Shah

Co-Founder and Director of Operations & Supply Chain Ingenious. Experimental. Nature-lover.

Sumit ensures seamless logistics for our hemp raw material and products, from farmers and artisans, to urban markets. He promotes efficient permaculture techniques for cultivation and post-harvest handling. Sumit oversees ground operations and works to improve our supply chain from warehousing to e-commerce shipments.
He heads the Hempcrete division of the company’s R&D wing, which explores the use of Industrial Hemp as a green building material.

Yash P. Kotak

Co-Founder and Director of Business Development & Media Inventive. Sharp. Perceptive.

Yash oversees all internal and external communication with the aim to optimise offline and online media engagements. He has worked with leading media companies, which have refined his design and planning skills to portray a strong visual identity for BOHECO. Driven by a holistic perspective, he strategizes BOHECO’s positioning in the hemp industry with an incisive business sense to create impact at the grassroots.
He is at the helm of BOHECO Life, our health and nutrition brand.